About Us

We Are…

Evangelical – We believe that the Bible is God’s own word to us, and that the only salvation for the world is through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Methodist – We hold to the Wesleyan Holiness tradition of theology, that God’s grace in salvation is available to all who choose to receive it, that we can have assurance of salvation through a relationship with the Holy Spirit , and that we have the possibility of being made holy people in this life

“We are part of the vital stream of spirituality called Methodism, which God liberated through the lives and ministries of John and Charles Wesley.

Point by point our Articles of Religion connect us with the doctrinal teachings of the apostolic church.
We are Trinitarians.

We believe in inspiration, the inerrancy, the authority, and the relevancy of the whole Bible, being persuaded it is the Word of God.

We believe in the depravity of the human race and its resultant condemnation.

We aslo believe in a salvation obtainable only through faith in the redemptive death of Jesus the Christ and the regeneration reulting from His bodily resurrection.

We believe in and teach the necessity of a second experience of God’s amazing grace, the infilling of God the Holy Spirit, cleansing the heart from self-interest and empowering the believer to live a holy life.”

(Discipline of the Evangelical Methodist Church, p.183)

Our Outlook…
Orthodox in belief, premillennial regarding the second coming, missionary in outlook, evangelistic in endeavor, cooperative in spirit, and Wesleyan in doctrine.